Paroles et musique : Sébastien Scotto / Arrangements : Richard Perdriau & S. Scotto

You’ve been down (repeat) For so long Anyway, you’ve been down

You’re here now (repeat) For so long Anyway, you’re here now.

Claviers & basse : Richard Perdriau

Guitares & batterie : S. Scotto


I can’t see you in some other face. You can’t let me down without a trace. So please, see me now…

I can’t see the point of right and wrong. You’re the one who can be nice and strong. So please, heal me now… hear me now.

Every day I spend much too much time, Telling me I should be gone for pride. So please, bring me down…

Never said I’d be the damn right man, Never told you my blood was in your hand. So please, bring me down…

I can’t let you go, I can’t let you know, I can’t let you go ,So please, … love me now.



Can’t stand no more your indifference, Better be dead and gone, Makes no difference.

So please, kill me now… When you decide to pick me up, I’ll be there or gone for a check-up.

So please, kiss me now…

I’ve been down… For so long.Anyway, … feel better now.