Piano & cordes : R. Perdriau

Paroles : S. Scotto / Musique : S. Scotto & Richard Perdriau


I can’t stand the rain
Those belated trains
I hate every drop of sadness,
Waving my love away, waving my love away…

I hate men that never
Try to take courage
I hate men that never
Taking their words away, taking their words away…

‘Cos there’s more to life
Than a mere trivial lie
‘Cos there’s more to life
Than a tainted phony smile.
You should take it down, you should look it down.

I hate men that live on
Their good-looking gait
Those who think they’re number one,
Giving shams away, giving shams away…

I hate men that rape souls
Of young innocents
Those who spread their hatred for years,
Taking lives away, taking lives away…




How dumb I am if I live in a fairy tale
How mean I am if I just lie behind the veil.
I would take my life away, I should take my breath away.

You’re like, you’re like no other,
Why don’t you really bother?

I hate the days when I think of yesterday.

Makes me dream of a new “Bloody Sunday”

Backing love away, backing love away… I’m going crazy…